How can sellers adjust to the buyer toolkit wave? — Jordan Crawford // Blueprint

A buyer toolkit wave is going on that threatens to make sellers irrelevant because of unpleasant customer experiences. How do you turn the tide and make your sellers deliver an excellent experience while closing deals? What about your product experience? Listen to Jordan Crawford, Blueprint's CEO, as he discusses how sellers can adjust and improve the buying experience to push back the buyer toolkit wave

Show Notes

  • 02:35
    Are we appropriately incentivizing our sellers?
    Is there a world where sellers are not assessed only based on deals closed but also on the quality of the engagement with the buyer? Is there value in improving the buyer experience, and how do you incentivize sellers?
  • 04:35
    How to rate your sellers on the experience they provide
    Rate your SDRs and your sellers on the experience they provided by doing post-sale surveys. Expect resistance from sellers who think the experience is not as important as closed deals. You will find a correlation between those hitting their sales numbers and offering a great experience.
  • 06:01
    Is there value in having buyer disqualification criteria?
    It comes down to your ICPs and your ability to make sure the ICPs are not just theories that marketing is putting in the marketplace. You need to hand boundaries to your SD organization, DG team, and sellers.
  • 09:02
    Think about your product experience as a PLG vendor would
    How can you get someone into the product and get them to experience the value as fast as possible to have that aha moment?


  • "If you try to provide transactional value, people tune out even though that value might be high." - Jordan Crawford

  • “Your total value as an SDR is how much pipeline you delivered and the vanity metrics for this month. We need to balance activity with the buyer experience and the value to the buyer. And I think if we can kind of play around with that sort of Seesaw, we can create a good buying experience” - Jordan Crawford

  • “Do you have these conditions where you say we have seen X XY customers churn, if you get any sense that these customers are in this bucket, do not sell to them? It is a deal that even if you could close, you should not close it. It is better to be a trusted resource to this person than to try to get them to close on a deal that will churn next year.” - Jordan Crawford

  • “I think that if you don't do PLG, companies like TestBox will do it for you or your competitors, and it will be a competitive differentiator.” - Jordan Crawford

  • “How can you get someone into the product and get them to experience the value as fast as possible to have that aha moment? And that aha moment is not going to come from your sales team.” Jordan Crawford

  • “It's going to come from the experience of the product. And I think if you don't do that, if you can't provide that, then this will be the company's next differentiator. You're only going to be competing with other PLG companies and not all of the 80,000 companies in the space.” - Jordan Crawford

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