How sales engagement drives dependable forecasts — Don Otvos // LeanData

VP of Rev Ops at LeanData, Don Otvos explores the importance of monitoring sales engagement. It not only increases transparency within the sales organization but also helps sales teams make more informed decisions. Today’s podcast dives into the need for sales engagement and some of the best software tools that can help companies do this.

Show Notes

  • 02:11
    How can you measure the likelihood of a deal closing or not closing based on engagement?
    The goal of revenue operations is to bring as much predictability as possible to forecasting. You can do that by leveraging the level of engagement the sales teams have with different accounts.
  • 03:28
    Are there technologies that can help sales teams in identifying predictability or can that be done through methodology and other sales processes?
    There are technologies that can help sales leaders review how engaged different accounts are with their sales teams. This helps create that predictability and also helps sales leaders make informed decisions.
  • 04:46
    What are examples of technological solutions that are able to do this?
    Companies like EBSTA use artificial intelligence to accurately predict future sales revenue. It places all relationships your sales reps have with different accounts into a CRM, and scores each engagement.
  • 06:53
    Do companies need to integrate everything with EBSTA to monitor these engagements?
    EBSTA looks at the data in your mail server and associates it with the data already in your CRM.
  • 09:07
    Where does Clari come into play?
    Clari is another amazing forecasting platform, however, it does not offer as many features as EBSTA.


  • “I think a goal of Rev Ops for me is to bring as much predictability as possible to forecasting and leverage that engagement that the sales team has with those opportunities to drive how I measure my confidence level in whether a deal's going to close or not when the rep says it will.” Don Otvos

  • “Sales engagement tools provide a high level of insight that really helps me provide that predictability to my CRO.” Don Otvos

  • “It really does help companies understand whether or not there's sufficient level of engagement to say, "Yes, I think this deal will or won't close.". Doug Bell

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