High-velocity inbound tech stacks — Don Otvos // LeanData

VP of Rev Ops at LeanData, Don Otvos highlights some of the most important tech stacks that inbound marketing teams need to consider investing in. Contextually relevant messaging is an important part of creating a great lead experience, and for pushing potential customers further down the funnel. In today’s podcast, Don Otvos details examples of inbound marketing tech stacks that have worked for LeanData and how they could be useful to your team.

Show Notes

  • 02:45
    What's the most important place to start with inbound tech stacks?
    Having good lead routing technology is important when trying to make high velocity sales. Once you have the right routing technology in place, teams should look into having a good sales engagement platform.
  • 06:43
    What solutions and technologies stand out when looking at inbound tech stacks?
    Salesforce and Outreach are great sales engagement platforms that help deliver the right messaging at the right time to potential leads.
  • 09:20
    What enrichment platforms are available in the market and where do they play?
    Enrichment platforms are a great way of helping rout a lead to the right individuals. They also help teams gather information on potential leads without having them fill out long and tedious forms. Examples of these tools include Zoom Info and ClearBit.
  • 12:18
    Are there tools and solutions that specifically work for large enterprises?
    These tools hold up whether youre in a large or small enterprise. All teams regardless of size need to build systems that make it easy to access information from these tools at the front end.
  • 14:07
    Is there a case for using workflow engines over specialized best breed tools?
    Workflow engines allow you to be more specialized. This allows for more flexibility within teams.
  • 15:34
    Why would a company want to go for a best
    Workflow engines like Workato for example, are specialized tools. That means your organization will need to hire someone who is proficient at using one of these tools. Best-in-breed solutions, on the other hand, are great for teams that perhaps dont have the time, budget, or expertise to choose a workflow engine.


  • “High velocity text stacks are places where the ability to respond with precision and speed to a lead can make the difference between you getting a deal and not getting a deal,” Doug Bell

  • “It's empowering to know that there are solutions out there for folks who, you know, frankly, either don't have the budget, don't have the time or the expertise to adopt workflow engines.” Doug Bell

  • “A piece of technology that you really need to have is a sales engagement platform. That's going to support being able to have the rules that you can write and automate a response back to a lead, or at least get them into a queue so that a rep can have a set of actions that they need to take against leads that are coming to them.” Don Otvos

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