Case Study

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How Health Union Effortlessly Integrated the Copyleaks API
To Detect Plagiarism Within Their Online Communities

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Overview & Background

Health Union, the proven industry leader in driving and amplifying social health, owns and operates a growing portfolio of more than 40 condition-specific online health communities. Along with the largest network of patient leaders, Health Union addresses virtually every chronic and complex health condition and provides people with the information, connection, and support they need.

The Challenge

With the increased publication schedule of patient leader-contributed content across its communities, Health Union found it essential to ensure new content was original.

To assist in its efforts, Health Union needed a text analysis platform with an API integration that could handle high volumes of content processing to help assure that content published within the communities’ websites was not plagiarized.

The Process

In 2018, Health Union began working with a text analysis platform. That integration left much to be desired and became a wrench in the workflow due to slow response times. After a few years of ongoing frustrations surrounding the API integration and the lack of customer support, they began searching for another solution. Their requirements were:


  1. A well-documented and well-supported API integration
  2. Strong security in place
  3. Good customer support
  4. An API that could scale with Health Union as the company grew


In July of 2022, Health Union began working with Copyleaks, utilizing the API integration to help process their growing volume of user-submitted content.

The Impact

The critical improvement that Health Union noticed when starting with Copyleaks was the ease of the API integration. They could white-label it to suit their needs and easily integrate it into their systems. Additionally, the customer support received when questions arose during the integration process and after was crucial, and Health Union was beyond impressed with the Copyleaks Customer Success Team.

First and foremost, when we were looking for a new platform, we were looking for an API integration system that was easy to integrate and did not constantly scream at us with issues. With Copyleaks, that was the case. But more than anything, the customer support set Copyleaks apart. Any issues that arose were quickly resolved, and when we had a question or feature request and sent an email to the Support Team, they got back to us in less than 24 hours. That alone sets Copyleaks apart from the competition.

Eric Mancini, Associate Director of Software Engineering at Health Union

Standout Feature

The Copyleaks PDF Similarity Report also brought value. With its detailed breakdown following each scan, complete with a Similarity Score, Side-by-Side Text Comparison, and more; the report provided thorough insight into each detection scan. With more in-depth information, Health Union was able to make informed decisions based on the detailed breakdown from the Similarity Report.

Similarity Score

Similarity Score

Side-by-Side Text Comparison

Looking Forward

Health Union looks to explore more opportunities with Copyleaks. With the rise of ChatGPT, utilizing the Copyleaks AI Content Detector to verify if a human or an AI chatbot wrote the content submitted to their website is fresh on their minds.